Using OpenDDS for Vehicle Traffic Monitoring


At the 21-23 April 2010 National SBIR Conference in Hartford, CT, OCI will exhibit a vehicle traffic monitoring system that uses OpenDDS to distribute traffic statistics and speeding incidents, in real time, from a vehicle speed tracking system to a remote traffic monitoring subscriber for viewing and further processing.


OCI was contracted to develop a Multiple Vehicle Speed Tracking (MVST) system for traffic monitoring and speed enforcement. The application operates as a stand-alone system. The demonstration uses OpenDDS as an anonymous publish-subscribe middleware layer under the MVST application to publish traffic data to remote traffic monitoring subscribers.

The following diagram shows how OpenDDS can be used to disseminate traffic statistics and speeding incidents from the original vehicle speed tracking system (in the publishing role) to a remote traffic monitoring subscriber.


The demonstration shows how traffic statistics and speeding incidents can be automatically disseminated to one or more remote traffic monitoring subscribers. Scalability of the system is enhanced as users can monitor several sites from a single location. Real-time monitoring of intersections is made possible with minimal code changes to the original application.

OpenDDS is supported by Object Computing, Inc.
The original MVST software was developed with B&W Sensors, Inc.